Wrath burns its path,
to my tender heart,
stinging like ice shards,
as my shadows hit the mark.

Corrupted, broken down,
I lay crippled on the ground,
in my hidden cave,
where I must behave.

Drops of water fall like tears,
in long forgotten rhymes,
surrounded by all worldly fears,
I lost myself to time.

A silent prayer leaves my trembling lips,
to call for light and aid,
to where my senses fail,
while the shadows pierce and wail.

There, there, amidst the empty hole,
a spark, a flame, behold!
Ignites the cave, the shadows lift,
your words, they touch,
where none could place their palms,
turn wrath to tender warmth.

Wrath (acoustic guitar w/ female vocals)
Wrath (chillstep w/ male vocals)
Wrath (nu metal rock w/ female vocals)

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