In the middle of the middle,
therein lies bare a riddle,
sunken deep beneath the treasure,
hidden in the shadows.

One is light and one is dark,
heralded by the threefold mark,
none shall live to see it shine,
as it rides the tides of time.

The one to stop, to aim, to bear the truth,
shall know both age and youth,
beneath the stars where ages pass,
the endless way, alas.

Alone you go, alone you walk,
nothing else to gain,
bear witness to the pain,
so no one will remain.

When all the dust has settled,
when all the bones are charred,
when sea and earth are scarred,
the void will seem like home.

Alas, it is your tomb,
on which the flowers grow,
the seeds like stars,
to fill the sky,
to endless bliss of old.

Inspired by the first movie of the Dune remake early 2021.

Destiny (acoustic guitar pop w/ female vocals)
Destiny (chillstep powerful synthwave w/ female vocals)
Destiny (chillstep synthwave beats w/ female vocals)

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