With heartful eyes,
she moves forward,
toward her beloved,
yet on her way,
she cannot help but look left and right,
seeing the preciousness of all things unfolding.

All equally worthy of her love.
All equally loving.
In fact, she sees the Goddess in all of them,
unconditionally, unending, unquestioned, unwavering.

And at long last,
after myriad cycles,
her tender hands fall on her beloved.
Worlds end and new begin,
as her touch washes away what was and could be,
to reveal what is: Mystery.

Inspired by the beautiful movment form from Spacial Dynamics with the same name. Memories of practicing it outdoors, moving between the trees at the summer days 2023 come to mind. Thank you to the community for the intense days of movement.

Listing to instrumental music inspired by this poem:

The Goddess on the Mountain Ridge (acoustic guitar and chanting)
The Moon Goddess (piano w/ soft chanting)

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