Oh great binder of all times,
you take record of all states of mind,
you hold them tightly to your chest,
yet, longing for the deepest rest.

Ambivalence is your salvation,
stop pretending, stop berating,
free your heart from burdens deep,
there’s nothing that is yours to keep.

Let sequences fall into disarray,
let tides and seasons sway,
give up your quest and play,
you simply can be, in your mysterious way.

Cause in the end at last,
all crumbles, falls back into the heart of hearts,
to reverberate in rhymes,
far beyond the tides of time.

This poem was inspired by a SE (Somantic Experiencing) session and the inspiring and simple wisdom of Alan Watts.

Music with this poems lyrics as vocals below.

Timebinder (relaxed acoustic guitar w/ female vocals)

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