I‘m so tired,
cannot stand it anymore,
working, eating, sleeping,
like a capitalist whore.

My being gets erased,
I‘m being eaten whole,
by this state of mind,
neither hateful, nor particularly kind.
I just exist, between the lines,
no home, no shelter, no delight,
only waiting for daylight.

Just a prisoner of mind,
seduced by consumerism,
constantly paying the price.
Damn, it‘s just too high,
so set me free, to Lucy in the sky.

Aloft, aloof and airy,
there I drift in space,
cannot ground myself,
remain an empty shelf.

Yet, in this state of mind,
a call sounds silently,
enticing me to be,
relaxed and openly.

You can find a musical version of this poem below.

State of mind (chillstep synthwave w/ male vocals)

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