I lost you,
in joyous nature,
as birds rose,
my world came to a close.

I lost you,
in a vivid dream,
as stars shone,
my cage had grown.

I lost you,
in plain sight,
as people spoke,
my darkness awoke.

I lost you,
in glowing light,
as you cherished,
my life perished.

Now I face you,
I hate you,
despise you…
as I realize,
I’ve been mesmerized,
because you’ve been me,
all this time.

This poem was written back in 2017, yet in my mind it is still relevant today. Sometimes we lose the connection to ourselves and every time we attempt to nurture this bond, healing can occure.

Here you can find songs created with this poems lyrics.

You (piano w/ female vocals)
You (rock w/ male vocals)

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